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Jazzway 6004 a 501(c) 3 creative non-profit: Buy Tickets & CD's

Tickets and Reservations

The Todd Marcus Orchestra at Jazzway 6004 - May 16th at 7:00 PM

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Warren Wolf with special guest Antonio Hart - the Jazzway 8th Anniversary Concert - June 13th - 8 PM

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On-line tickets

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Downloadable Concert Reservation Form


If you don't want to order tickets on line, download this form and mail it to us. The mailing address is on the form. We must receive the form with your check  at least 3 days before the concert date for which you are reserving seats. 


Jazzway Reservation Form - 2015

CD's from Jazzway 6004's 2013-2014 Season Artists

Rick Udler - Papaya - Downloads

Tim Warfield’s Jazzy Christmas - CD and downloads

Tim Green – Songs From This Season - CD and downloads

Marianne Matheny-Katz - Somewhere in Paradise - CD and download

The solo debut of Marianne Matheny-Katz, a captivating singer who’s been a fixture in Baltimore for more than a decade. She possesses a quintessential jazz voice, which she enlivens with lissome, conversational phrasing. She remains mindful of the melodies and lyrics of her material and has a penchant for dressing it in new and noteworthy arrangements.



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Warren Wolf – Wolfgang - CD

CD's from Jazzway 6004's 2012-2013 Season Artists

Kathleen Kolman - Dream On - Downloads

Todd Marcus – Inheritance - CD and downloads

Ralph Peterson - The Duality Perspective

Winard Harper - Coexist -CD

Winard Harper - Coexist - downloads - Downloads

Warren Wolf - Warren Wolf CD - CD

Aaron Diehl – The Bespoke Man’s Narrative - CD

CD Sales - Jazzway Artists 2007-2012

Jeff Antoniuk - Here Today - CD

Joanna Pascale - Through My Eyes

Tim Warfield - One For Shirley

Susan Jones "Violin Caliente" - CD

Joel Holmes "African Skies" - CD

Eric Kennedy - Kelly Shepherd - Timmy Shepherd "Dreamworld" - CD

Warren Wolf's New CD "RAW" - CD

Tim Green "Divine Inspiration" - CD

Park House Jam - "Fully Exposed"

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